Footwear Machinery

We represent reputed manufacturers and suppliers from Europe and Asia and assure services by local and foreign technicians for both Tannery and Shoe industries. Before selecting manufacturers we put them through an arduous selection process. As part of the selection process, we visit each manufacturer’s factory to judge their quality of machines and compare them with other leading manufacturers of highest quality. Over the last thirty years we have developed a collaborative and strong relationship with all our manufacturers.

Cutting and Preparation
Fabric Inspection Machine
Fabric Measuring Machine
CNC Travel Head Cutting
Travel Head Cutting
Beam Cutting Machine
Laser Cutting Machine
Vibration Knife Cutting
Swing Arm Clicking Press
Upper Skiving Machine
Leather Splitting Machine
Leather Measuring Machine
Toe Puff & Counter Skiving
Strap Cutting Machine
Cutting Board Planning
Bias Cutting Machine
Loop Cutting Machine
Label Cutting Machine
Hot & Cold Vamp Crimping

Printing, Embossing and Lamination
Screen Printing Table
Lining Stamping Machine
Logo embossing Machine
Leather Embossing Machine
Rotary Type Screen Printing
Lamination Machine
High Frequency Plastic Welding Machine

Stitching and Upper Making
Postbed Single Needle Roller Feed Sewing
Postbed Double Needle Roller Feed Sewing
Flatbed Single Needle Drop Feed Sewing
Flatbed Double Needle Drop Feed Sewing
Zigzag Flatbed Walking Feed Sewing
Zigzag Cylinderbed Sewing
Cylinder Bed Sewing Machine
Dice Cutting Machine for Pattern Sewing Machine
Pattern Stitching Machine
Sewing Machine with Rotary Arm
Conveyor Type Fusing Machine
Automatic CNC Stitching Machine
Upper Folding Machine
Mechanized Conveyor for Stitching Line
Bar Tack Machine
Vamp Shaping Machine
Manual Pounding Machine
2 Hot, 1 Cold TPU Fusing
Eyeleting Machine (Single Channel)
Thread Burner Machine
Sliding type Hot Pressing Machine
Hotmelt Glue Coating
Lining Trimming Machine
Upper Hammering Machine
Eyeleting Machine (Double Channel)
Punching Machine - 6 Needle Punch
Toe Puff Conditioning Machine
Tounge Shaping Machine
Seam Taping and Attaching
Thread Trimmer
Hot Melt Adhesive Spray
Stitch Repairing Machine
Sole Side Stitching
Sole Bottom Stitching
Thread Reconning Machine

Lasting Section
Lasting Conveyor
Pneumatic Back Part Molding
Insole Attaching Machine
Strobel Sewing Machine
Last Insertion Machine
Upper Steaming Machine (Multi-Purpose)
Toe Part Humidifier
Toe-Lasting Machine with Thermo Cement
Side Lasting Machine
Heel Steam Machine
Heel Lasting Machine with Thermo cement
Outsole Marking Machine
Bottom Grinding Machine
Roughing Machine
Hand Roughing Machine
Insole Attaching - Glue Drop Machine
Heel Seat & Side Lasting Machine
Back Part Molding Machine 2 Hot & 2 Cold

Gluing and Assembly Section
Heat Sealing Machine
Double Layer Gluing Conveyor with NIR Oven
Universal Sole Press for Type-1
Universal Sole Press for Type-2
Pneumatic PU Gluing Machine
Walled Sole Press Machine
Vacuum Sole Press Machine
Injection Glue Conveyor with Oven
Chiller Machine

Finishing Section
Finishing/Packaging Conveyor
Anti-fungal Spray Machine
X-Ray Metal Detector Machine
Arial UV-Disinfecting Oven
Spray Cabin with Waterfall
Unlasting Machine
Hot Air Blower with Ironing Roller
Polishing and Brushing Machine
Dust Collector Machine
Upper Lacing Machine
Metal Detector Machine

Insole Department
Shank Board Skiving Machine
Insole & Midsole Rivet Fastening Machine
Insole Molding Machine
Insole Trimming Machine
Soft Roller Gluing Machine
Hard Roller Gluing Machine for Shank Board
Insole Folding Machine
Insole Strap Folding Machine
Insole/Outsole Preparation Conveyor

Machinery for Outsole Production
Clicking Machine
Sole Splitting Machine
Vertical Fluffing Machine
Outsole Fluffing & Polisher Machine
Manual Roughing Machine
Automatic Double-head Tail Rougher
Outsole Groover
Vertical Leveling Machine
Speed Control Vertical Sand Belt Grinder
Nc-Copy Slotting Machine
Outsole Milling Machine
Graining Machine
Grinding Machine
Heel Coarse Grinding Machine
Sole Sector Roughing Machine
Speed Control Double Head Sand Belt Grinder
Dust Collector
Oil Pressure Thermo Printing Machine
Outsole Buffing Machine
Edge Trimming Machine
Welt Outsole Stitcher
Welt Rough Rounding Machine
Outsole Stitching Machine
Edge Inking Machine

Cutting Knife Making Section
Economic Bending Machine
Knife Code Marking Machine
Hydraulic Shear For Steel
Knife Rack
Gas Welding Machine

Stock Fitting Section
Glue Mixing Machine
UV Treatment Conveyor
UV Curing Machine for Eva Midsole
Outsole Cementing and Assembling Line
Hydraulic Automatic Wall Type Sole Press Machine
Toe Cap and Heel Press Machine

Product Development
Pattern CAD-CAM Machine
Cad-Cam Software

Testing Department (Lab)
Universal Tensile Tester
Aging Oven
Complete Shoe Flexing Testing Machine
Density Balance Tester
Grey Scale
Abrasion Tester
Waterproof Bootie Testing Machine
Bursting Strength Tester
Electric Color Fastness Testing Machine
Hardness Meter-Digital
Infrared Test Chamber
Non-Slip Property Tester
Leather Cracking Tester
Leather Softness Tester
Shoe Abrasion Resistance Tester
Outsole Belt Flexing Tester

Industrial Dehumidifier
Human Driven Forklift
Manual Fork Lift