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More Than 20 Years


March 1978

Limex Founded as BTCL

In 1978, Mr. A. M. Morshed Hossain, Managing Director, Limex Technologies LTD, decided to start his own company in the name Bengal Technological Corporation LTD (BTCL). BTLC, under Mr. Morshed’s leadership got the contract to install and commission the largest Fish Freezing Complex with Ice-Plant for Bangladesh Fisheries Development Corp. LTD. The plant was supplied by Hasegawn, Japan. Bengal Technological Corporation, under leadership of Mr. Morshed, undertook a number of contracts to supply, installa and commission Air-conditioning duct distribution system in high rise commercial buildings, pharmaceutical factories, public auditoriums, and cinema houses. 

BTCL gets Agencyship of Several International Brands

Bengal Technological Corporation LTD (BTCL) astutely noticed the necessity to source high quality equipment for the projects it was working on, namely Air-conditioning Plant, Steam-Boilers and Electric Generators. So, it decided to supply products only from highly reputed companies from around the world. During this period BTCL decided to work with York-Shiply, USA and later was awarded the agency for this world reputed manufacturers of York Air conditioner, York-Shiply, USA, which later was bought by Donlee Technolgies ltd, USA. The company also got the contract for installation of 10 MW Atomic research reactors for electricity generation and production of Radio Isotope for medical services. The atom reactors were supplied by General Atomic Co. San Diego, USA and BTCL later got the agency of this company as well.

BTCL gets enlisted as contractor for Titas Gas Co Ltd

BTCL was also enlisted contractor for low and high pressure gas line construction under Titas Gas Co LTD. The company was a regular contractor doing drilling and installation work for irrigation deep tube wells. BTCL implemented most of the Air conditioning, building water supply and fire protection work of high rise buildings in Dhaka.


February 1985

First Step into the Tannery Industry

In 1985, the company got the opportunity to supply a steam boiler and diesel powered electric generator to APEX Tannery Ltd. Dhaka. During the installation and commissioning of the equipment at the APEX Tannery Mr. Morshed got acquainted with the tannery industry. At that time, the existing factories mostly were producing and exporting Wetblue Leathers. In a bid to improve the sector, the government undertook the modernization of the tanneries so that the industry could undertake production and export of semi-finished (crust) and finished leathers.

Began Indenting Tannery Equipment

Mr. Morshed saw the opportunity in the tannery modernization initiative and decided to be a key player in the process. As a strategic decision, he decided to develop the indenting business of tannery machinery in Bangladesh as the Govt. undertook program of tannery modernization. Mr. Morshed then started to visit all the important leather trade fairs including SIDC Paris, APLF Bologna, APLF Hong Kong, etc.

Success in the Bangladesh

Limex Technologies got the opportunity to undertake the supply and installation of tannery machinery to most of the tanneries in Bangladesh. Initially Limex was supplying machines for Wetblue and Crust leather, but very soon expanded into finished lather production machinery. In a short time, the company got agencies and distributorship of most of the reputed Italian tannery machine manufacturers of the industry.


Limex Today

Today, Limex Technologies is the leading organization in the tannery industry. Limex with the collaboration of its Italian suppliers and technical experts provides complete solution in the planning, sourcing, supplying and installing all necessary leather tanning machinery for the tanneries at a competitive budgetary costs. Limex also extends its expertise in the production and development of right leather articles in the different stages of the leather production through its reputed and experienced principals and suppliers of tannery chemicals. Limex has established its own laboratory where foreign trained technician provides leather finishing services to tanneries with finishing chemicals imported from Italy. Limex is the sole agent of the Italian leather finishing chemical company Kemiter SRL.

Limex Technologies is also the oldest organization in the Bangladesh Footwear industry. Limex supplies complete plant on turn-key basis for Footwear and Leather goods industry. To supply the complete and reliable plants at competitive prices, Limex sources and supplies the machinery from Italy, China and Taiwan according to required technology and application in order to achieve highest quality in the shoe and leather goods production required by world reputed shoe brands of Italy, Germany, France, USA and Canada who sell shoes and accessories to the world market.