We Believe When Our Clients Win WE WIN

Over the years Limex came to realize that service to its clients is essential to a successful business. So, Limex adopted a customer support policy which promises highest quality service to clients both during and after of sales. We believe, good customer service is all about bringing customers back and about sending them away happy – happy enough to pass positive feedback about our business along to others. Limex knows that its clients must have smooth operation for years to come. After-sales service is a big part of the package Limex offers. Limex is proud of its reputation for timely and reliable after-sales service and looks forward to extend the same level of service to its new clients..

Although Limex takes every effort to prevent issues proactively, there may still be situations which will require immediate attention and action. For that, Limex provides technical support on-site and off-site in order to resolve a problem as fast as possible. In that regard, Limex extends after sales services by highly experienced Italian and Chinese technicians. Limex has in-house experienced engineers and technicians who help its clients in maintenance and troubleshooting of machinery so that their production can run uninterrupted with minimum to no downtime.

Our philosophy is, Be helpful – even if there’s no immediate profit in it.


We Are Married To Our Suppliers

Over the last 30 years, we have built a strong relationship with all our Machinery, Parts and Chemical suppliers, which we believe is an essential factor in providing the best product and services to our clients. So, we get the earnest support from our suppliers in handling any critical client demand when necessary.

Competitive Advantage

Most of Limex’s old Tannery customers are now starting their shoe factories as all of them have leather for such production. As Limex has major business with the Tannery factories, it has a big advantage in the business of shoe Machinery. As we have been working with lot of our customers for over decades we know our customers very well. New customers can also be benefited from this huge pool experienced customers.

The founder and Managing Director, Mr. Morshed Hossain, and the Executive director, Mr. Tashfique Hossain, both have Bachelor’s degree in engineering fields. Coming from an engineer background, the management at Limex understands the importance of having thorough technical knowledge of the products it supplies. Limex continuously tries to develop its employees so that they are prepared for any technical challenges.


Spare Parts, You Will Need Them

Limex can provide you the highest quality spares at reasonable price. We deliver them to our clients FAST and we are working to deliver even faster!

The total staff in the company is 15 & we are hiring more people in technical sales, marketing and services as the company is growing in unison with the burgeoning leather and shoe sector of Bangladesh. At this point, Limex is the biggest supplier for the Leather and Footwear industry in Bangladesh. Our footwear clients include local shoe giants like Apex Adelchi, Akiz Footwear, Bengal Shoe Industries, Leatherex and Jenny’s to name a few. Among our Tannery clients Apex Tannery, BLC (Bengal Leather Complex), Vulua Tannery, SAF Tannery and Reliance are the biggest.

You Are In Experienced Hands

Leather Machines

The business in the Tannery sector is still continued today which Limex started in 1985 & it is the major segment of the business of the company. Limex extends after sales service to its clients by own Engineers and foreign Technicians from the manufacturers & suppliers. Limex exclusively has been representing most of the reputed Manufacturers & Suppliers of Europe & Asia in this sector for many years.

Tanning Chemicals

The company has also been involved in the Tannery Chemical business since 1985. Limex is the exclusive agent of Mimosa SA, South Africa for vegetable tanning extracts. It is also the exclusive agent of Kemiter s.r.l, Italy for leather finishing chemicals. Limex has its own laboratory to extend development & technical services to clients by qualified technicians who are trained in Italy by Kemiter S.R.L.

Footwear Machines

Limex started its shoe Machinery & Leather goods Machinery business in 1988 & represented Granucci s.r.l, Lucca, Italy till 2004. This company closed their business operation & transferred company to Italian Global services (IGS), Italy. Till now, Limex is working with this company for supply of shoe & leather goods Machinery from Italy & China. The company has supplied machinery from most of the renowned Italian and German brands like Pfaff, Durkopp Adler, Alberti, Matic, Elettrotecnica BC, Sabal and Cerim to name a few.

Limex has technicians who provide sales & after sales services to shoe factory customers. Besides, Mr. Morshed himself is also fully involved in the selling of shoe & leather goods Machinery.

Footwear Material and Components

Beside shoe Machinery, Limex supplies Shoe materials, Components & Accessories to the shoe factories in Bangladesh. It currently represents reputed companies from Italy, Germany, Thailand, Taiwan & China and is a regular supplier of these items. Limex is also the agent of Texon Germany and Forestali Italy in this segment of the business.